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At my core, I'm: a cotton candy lover, passionate about long naps and movies, a goofball, and a storyteller.

Actors always say how they knew they wanted to be an actor from a young age. I wanted to be a meteorologist. And also a homicide detective, concert pianist, and Spanish teacher.

A Dubuque, Iowa, native, my upbringing was characterized by theatre and music from age 6. I loved doing theatre, but it wasn't until senior year of high school when I took a physics class and hated it, ditched meteorology, and pursued acting.


I traded one small Midwest town for another and ended up at Millikin University, where I completed my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre in May of 2021. Although my training focused on acting for the stage, I delved more deeply into camera work and film/TV acting over the past two years. I've excitingly found my passions moving in that direction, which prompted me to move to Los Angeles, where I currently reside.

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